Web Development

Design and Implementation


At Entre, we understand that your website needs to make a good first impression and feature usability for returning users. Using our outstanding eVan™ web content management software that’s is exactly what happens. A user-friendly interface with a visually appealing design that gets your visitors to the information they need quickly.




  1. You need a site that matches perfectly with your existing branding.
  2. The site needs to integrate with your existing database or application.
  3. You need custom functionality developed for the site.


Evan™ Comparison

Our content management system can go toe to toe with other open source CMS in the market today.

Capabilities Evan Wix Wordpress Squarespace
Easy for non-technical users to understand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Designed for building websites Yes Yes No Yes
User generated content is mobile friendly & responsive out of the box Yes No Limited No
Install 3rd party modules Yes Limited Limited Limited
Capability to fully integrate with 3rd party systems Yes No No Limited
Based on open-source platform Yes No Yes No
Change overall theme/skin of site Yes No Yes No
User support is a phone-call away Yes No No No
Get expert advice on content-creation, search engine optimization and more Yes No No No
Full control over site appearance Yes No No No
Restrict access to content by role Yes Yes Yes Yes
Define custom roles and permissions Yes No No No