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Why the best IT recruiting firm is not a recruiting firm at all but a technology company called Entre Computer Services.


We Know Technology

We know technology because we ARE a technology company. We know the jargon, we know the real-time/real-life scenarios and we know how to pick hands-on talent versus theoretical talent.


We Understand Employees

In essence everyone you get through a staffing agency is a contractor and many staffing houses treat their people as well, contractors. We know them for who they are; our employees. We look out for their interests as well as yours. Sometimes a situation is not a great fit and it’s important to make every situation a win-win situation.



If They Are an Entre Employee, Then They Are a Recruiter

Entre does not simply have a staff of recruiters. Everyone within Entre is a recruiter. In fact, everyone at Entre who brings on a successful candidate earns a bonus! Our employees bring in employees who they know will ‘carry their share’ and who they will enjoy working beside.


That brings us to ‘nice’.

Bonus aside, we hire for ‘nice’. And who better to tell us who is capable, competent and ‘nice’ than our own employees.

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