SharePoint Case Study

SharePoint And Office 365 Adoption

The Challenge

Change is costly. Not changing may cost even more. With variable ROI that affects ‘the way you do business”, how do you get it right the first time? An international manufacturing company needed to upgrade both the infrastructure as well as the existing SharePoint services.  The manufacturer stored important engineering drawings and related artifacts on an older version of SharePoint: SharePoint 2003. As part of the upgrade strategy they wanted to migrate to SharePoint online and Office 365.



Entre's Solution

Entre provided assessments, recommendations, and a trial migration. The proof-of-concept validated a migration strategy for the company.  The solution involved using Metalogix™ Content Matrix to do both the proof-of-concept and the later final migration.




  • Confidence is direction
  • Process improvements
  • No data lost
  • Business enhancements gained