SharePoint Case Study

SAP to SharePoint

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 company used SAP extensively but getting appropriate reports to multi-level management had become an issue. Internal and external SAP resources were limited, expensive and frequently took too long to deliver. The Information technology department knew that a SharePoint frontend would be more flexible, less expensive to maintain and allow non-SAP resources the ability to deploy reports. In essence they required integration between SharePoint and SAP in order to present information in SharePoint.


Entre's Solution

They called Entre and our SharePoint consultants and developers. Entre provided single sign on between SharePoint and SAP to enable the presentation of SAP data within SharePoint. Using SharePoint, Entre created a .NET 4.5 web form to provide a SSO (single sign on) using SAML 2.0 assertion and exchanging authentication and authorization data.



  • Cost - no additional SAP licenses required.
  • No end-user training required.
  • Conserves SAP resources.
  • Rapid implementation.