Application Development Case Study

Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL

The Challenge

A global utility company had a legacy application initially built with Microsoft Access to manage gas line construction projects. While this application worked reasonably well for a number of years, it had deficiencies:


  1. The original developer passed away, and the application proved difficult to support.
  2. When contract prices need to be updated, the process became labor intensive.
  3. While the application had acceptable speed at the host location, access from other locations was slow.
  4. The application was single-user and challenging to modify and extend to the evolving needs for both gas and electric construction projects.



Entre's Solution

Entre developed a new multi-user Microsoft SQL Server database application to provide an easy way to update the data when contracts are renewed or revised as well as add functionality and improve the usage of the existing functionality. The result was a standardization of processes across offices/locations which allowed more efficient management and lower construction costs. All while improving speed and providing and increased data security.




Microsoft SQL, ASP .NET MVC, WebAPI, Bootstrap, SASS, Knockout, Simple Injector, Dapper