Remote Managed Services


Seamlessly integrating technology into your business is a challenge, particularly for companies with limited resources and capital to invest in expensive infrastructure and specialized staff.


That’s why many businesses opt for remote managed services. Remote services like these relieve business owners of the day-to-day burden of managing internal network tasks by substituting an outsourced IT company that provides round-the-clock monitoring of their internal network. Here are a few of the key benefits of having a team of dedicated remote professionals oversee your IT needs.


Avoid Costly Downtime

When your network goes down, your business can suffer big losses. Customers become frustrated and lose their faith in your company as they can’t contact you or use your services. Your employees can’t access the data and software they need to do their jobs, disrupting their workflow and leaving your business stuck paying operating costs for hours with no productivity. As dedicated specialists who monitor your systems 24/7, remote managed service professionals prevent downtime and provide quick and proactive support in the event of an incident.


Improved Security

Data security is a top concern for business owners like you in the age of hackers and cyberattacks. Compromised data hinder your productivity—or worse, expose your clients’ personal information, leading to a damaged reputation, decreased customer trust, and possible litigation. A managed service provider has the expertise to monitor your system for threats, preventing loss or theft of your sensitive data.


Simplify Your Business

Remote IT reduces financial and logistical burdens on your company. Hiring in-house IT staff and maintaining your systems requires further investment of time and finances. A managed service provider takes care of all that for a set fee, taking the guesswork out of IT costs and allowing you to budget those costs. A remote managed service provider tackles the technical challenges, leaving you to focus on delivering a quality product or service to your customers, clients, or patients. IT is one less thing you have to worry about managing and maintaining.


At Entre, we work with your company to provide IT solutions that enable your business to grow. For more information on our remote managed services and the other services we can provide, contact us by phone at (585) 760-1010 or by filling in the contact form on our website.